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link to a video for the song " Destin artificiel " with french group " les Ogres de Barback "


Woman and Kora

Madina N’Diaye, lead by her love of Mandingues’ melodies, claims and holds an original status in the West African musical landscape. She is today the only Malian woman on stage who plays the Cora, one of the most emblematic instruments in the Malian musical heritage. Madina opens the way to a new phenomenon in Mali: Women’s access to musical instruments traditionnally reserved for men and the “griots” caste. Despite the wrath of some traditionalists, she has made herself known as a talented songwriter, composer and performer. Mali and her commitment to the feminine cause are at the heart of her music. Taught by famous masters like Toumani Diabaté and Djélimadi Cissoko, Madina develops her own personal expression and today, she offers us her first album « Bimogow ».


photo : Katrin Haunreiter